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Five Grace-Killing Lies Our Parents Told Us (and We Probably Tell Our Kids)

June 1, 2015
Here are five grace-killing lies our parents told us growing up that, more than likely, we are telling our kids as well.
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2. “There’s got to be consequences”

trapx-largeNot true!

When you’re out driving over the speed limit and you see that police car tucked into the bushes on the side of the road, if the officer lets you fly by with your last minute brakes lights blazing, do you say to your self, “There’s got to be consequences?” Do you promptly drive to the nearest police station and pull out your check book? Do you call your insurance company and ask them to raise your rates? Of course not! You thank God for the grace he seemingly gave you. As grownups, we tend to treat grace like cookies in a cookie jar sitting on top of the fridge where we can reach it, but out of reach of our little ones undeserving hands, saved for special occasions. If you parent under the mantra “There’s got to be consequences,” then it’s likely the amount of grace in your home is less than amazing.

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2. “There’s got to be consequences”

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