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Four Ways Adopting a Pet Teaches Grace to Your Kids (and You)

June 10, 2015
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I’ve encountered very few children that didn’t want a pet of some sort. And outside of children that are too rough, cruel, or allergic, kids will learn fabulous lessons of grace from adopting a pet. Parents that allow their kids to adopt pets tend to have a higher likelihood of showing grace to their children in other areas of their lives. Whether golden retriever or goldfish, here are the top four ways your family adopting a pet teaches grace to your kids (and you:)
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1. Pets teach kids about unconditional love.


Pets are more forgiving and offer comfort and companionship without regard to whether they’ve had a bad day. They love their family with an unflappable love, totally unaware of whether their owners deserve the love or not. Pets are better than imaginary friends; their love is real. And when frustration hits, pets become comforters and confidantes. How pets love is a terrific segue into a conversation about how God loves us unconditionally even though he knows that we’re not deserving.

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1. Pets teach kids about unconditional love.

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