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Four Ways Adopting a Pet Teaches Grace to Your Kids (and You)

June 10, 2015
I've encountered very few children that didn't want a pet of some sort. And outside of children that are too rough, cruel, or allergic, kids will learn fabulous lessons of grace from adopting a pet. Parents that allow their kids to adopt pets tend to have a higher likelihood of showing grace to their children in other areas of their lives. Whether golden retriever or goldfish, here are the top four ways your family adopting a pet teaches grace to your kids (and you:)
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How amazing is the grace in your home?

We talk about grace every Sunday, but how does peace play out in our homes Monday through Saturday? It’s easy, for us as parents, to put such a focus on “right” behavior that our kids miss out on the grace needed to bounce back from sin since we all sin and we all fall. So, when we demand perfection and obedience with little access to grace we end up valuing our children based on what they do or don’t do.

But that’s not the gospel. And that’s not grace.

HoG-coverIn this advance reader’s copy of House of Grace: Big sinners raising little sinners, bestselling author Michael DiMarco pens a gentle, gospel-centered approach to parenting. He writes, “The purpose of parenting in not focusing on the child’s behavior or who the child becomes. Parenting is really just another word for discipleship. It’s teaching your child who God is and who we are with and without him. It’s about big sinners raising little sinners.”

In the book, Michael shares how to:

  • create a culture of confession in your home
  • achieve discipline through discipleship instead of emotion
  • parent shoulder-to-shoulder instead of nose-to-nose
  • become an authority in your child’s life…and more!


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Get an advance copy of House of Grace here!

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