Project Update #3 – Check Out the Cover!

January 13, 2015

So, we let our crowdfunding campaign sit stagnant over the holidays because we didn’t want to reduce people’s toy purchasing power, but true to our word, no matter if this crowdfunding experiment is a success or not, we have been moving forward with the publication of House of Grace!

Now that might mean we don’t do things the ‘right way’ or with ‘excellence’, but sometimes that approach is overrated. Sometimes God slows money and resources to a trickle because he wants you to trust him. Stored up manna and all that.

Sometimes it’s just a good old fashioned humbling. And that’s good too.

So we’ve adjusted our funding thermometer much lower to reflect our leaner, meaner, and more aggressive approach of trying to have these books done by February. YES. Next month!! In fact, both Michael and Hayley have two different speaking engagements in February, so if we can raise $3,000 before then, we can finish the typesetting and pay for a large print run in time for these conferences! And, honestly, even if we don’t get one more backer we’re going to make this happen! That might mean Michael sells his truck or you see him down at the Plasma Center, but it’s gonna happen and this new cover has really helped our morale around here! And by the way, we are going to have a huge party for our six (and maybe counting) backers when this book hits the shelves.

And now, without further adieu, check out our new cover!

House of Grace cover

We’re really excited about it; looking at it makes us happy! And that’s what grace should do. Michael’s had this visual kicking around for over a year now and we finally have it put together in an organic and beautiful way. We like that the hand drawn elements reflect parents and children doing it together, instead of farming out parenting and discipleship (and design) to professionals. We also like that a house of grace has no walls (or maybe it’s just always under construction.)

Let us know what you think in the comments and it’s not to late to be one of our backers!

Please pray for us as we walk this journey that we would recognize and acknowledge that what God is providing, even if it isn’t what we dreamed of, is absolutely perfect.

Laboring for you and your family through him and for his glory,

Michael, Hayley, & the whole Grace City team.



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